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Best Time to Start Music Lessons

Calls for guitar and Piano lessons have started to pick up again as summer draws nearer. While some folks prefer to begin each of their activities with the beginning of a new school year, it can be a great idea to think about beginning music lessons in summer time. The best time to begin is always when the pupil is the most excited and the family is ready for the responsibility, so if that is now there is not any need to wait until fall to start music lessons. If you or your child is considering beginning music lessons, but you are not sure that summertime is the right time to start, please consider the following:

music lesson

  • Beginning in the summer enables the student to have greater focus on their newfound enthusiasm without the distraction of schoolwork. The first couple weeks of studying guitar, violin or piano demand a whole lot of attention and physical and psychological growth. The fingers must grow more powerful, the ear more intense and the brain must understand difficult new concepts. This may be hard enough without having to take care of a whole lot of other distractions.
  • It is generally a franchise hong kong idea to attempt and limit the amount of new encounters a child must adjust to at one time. Whether they will be starting school for the first time or simply adjusting to another teacher and class, it is wonderful not to also be adapting to a new guitar instructor, a new practice routine and new learning environment for music.
  • Summer Intensives, Where the student comes to music lesson twice each week, provide the sort of reinforcement which can get students off to an excellent start. When a new student just gets their hands on a piano, guitar or violin there are certain to be a dozen small defects in their technique which, if not addressed, can result in significant handicap or even injury later on. Leaving seven days between chances to fix those little bad habits is far too long.
  • Ultimately, the reason we take lessons is for to play music that is cool. By beginning in the summer with lessons twice a week students will have the chance to break through the music they will love much sooner.

Summer has always been a time once we get to do what we need to do rather than simply the things we must do. Let music be one of these things!