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Purchasing condos near clear water beach for rent

rentingClear water provides a good deal of choices for property investment in the shape of intra-coastal condos. The favourite among them include the Diamond Isle, Dolphin Cove, Watch, Island Walk, Islander, etc. Island Estates is a sure bet with investors because of the proximity to Clearwater Beach. It talks of a residential area but it is to the exciting life and beach culture. The condos in Diamond Isle are offered ranging with number of baths with options for single, double or triple bedrooms to 1,650 sq ft. Those properties’ purchase price ranges depending on the amount of floors and the size. There are 10 floors with 80 units. The interior and the Exterior are made appropriate for supplying a living environment that was timeless. The condos are given outdoor covered parking lot, club room, exercise room and other facilities which are features of luxury condos. Diamond Isle is supplied with water boat slips where the powerboats and sailboats can be kept.

Dolphin cove is now a Real estate investment option due to its condos. You will discover units with a single studio for a cost as low as $125,000 with about 430 feet area. There are more costly condos also, of that is between $225,000 and $400,000, the price array. The choices for triple double and single bedroom bathrooms are available and where to rent a condo. The building contains 120 units inside and contains 11 floors. The size of the condos ranges to 1,500 sq feet with options for either double or single bedroom. The purchase price starts from about $250,000 to $525,000. The building has 10 floors with 120 units included inside. Aside from the basic conveniences, you will find subterranean parking, enclosed elevator lobbies, fire sprinkler, boat slips, deck, pool, etc.

Three are offered by the Islander condos with 90 units in 4 floors. There are two different types of condos available, 900 sq ft with one bedroom- 1,090 sq ft and one bath with 2 bedroom choices. The purchase price could be anywhere between $200,000 and $275,000. Although the price range mentioned under each class is based on a quote on the property worth in the recent months, it may fluctuate based on the market conditions. However, the trend doesn’t indicate any fluctuation in real estate market in Florida.